A Little Bit About Us

PrimeTRUST Advisors was founded in 2006 to offer medium sized companies the Pension services generally available only to big corporations. This often overlooked demographic faces the same issues as their larger counterparts with generally fewer internal resources to address them.

PrimeTRUST Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and an ERISA fiduciary under Sec. 3(21) or Sec. 3(38). We are an independent entity legally obligated to serve in our clients’ best interest and are inspired to enhance the financial position of our clients and their employees.

PrimeTRUST Advisors’ objective is to define, communicate and execute new standards of total fiduciary excellence. We strive to deliver measurable, substantial results benefiting both the employers sponsoring retirement plans and the employees as participants and beneficiaries of these plans. Our experiences have equipped us with industry knowledge, provided us an insider’s view of how other service providers operate, and helped us create a genuine understanding and formula of the best overall fiduciary practices. Please let us know how we can help you be a better fiduciary.

NEW Services
Pension Risk Diagnostics Report (PRDR)
Summary: Everyone is talking about pension risk and solutions to mitigate or transfer the risk, but what are “pension risks” really? PrimeTRUST Advisors offers an innovative service called the “Pension Risk Diagnostics Report” which is designed to uncover and identify those pension risks which apply to each plan sponsor’s specific situation. Use the links below to find out more.

 "Pension Risk Diagnostic Report" Offers Helpful Insights for Plan Sponsors
 Sample Pension Risk Diagnostics Report

PlanSuccess Audit
Summary: PrimeTRUST Advisors is now one of fewer than 80 financial advisory firms nationally who have earned the Certified Behavioral Finance Analyst (CBFA) designation. This certifies us to conduct PlanSuccess “audits” - part of a ground-breaking system designed to boost the behavioral health of participant directed retirement plans based on academic research in behavioral science. The PlanSuccess analysis can help achieve 90-10-90 results in your Plan. It may also improve ADP/ACP testing if that is an issue for your Plan. Use the links below to find out more:

 PlanSuccess Introductory Letter
 PlanSuccess Introductory Presentation

408(b)(2) Compliance Support

Summary: In response to the newly effective Department of Labor ruling known as 408(b)(2) (the Plan Sponsor Disclosures), we have created this service to assist responsible plan fiduciaries in timely and efficiently meeting the compliance obligations imposed upon them by these regulations. (Note: This service does not relate to the Participant Fee Disclosure Requirements.)  Use the links below to find out more.

 408(b)(2) Introductory Letter
 408(b)(2) Sample Checklist

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