Our inspiration is simple… we believe better thinking results in better outcomes. 

We are “fee for service” consultants with expertise in ERISA Plans, Investment Advisory and Fiduciary Services. We work diligently to continuously provide clients better information, enabling better decisions, generating better results.  

Better Information 
We perform original research and leverage our rich experiences to form the insights necessary to deliver innovative solutions crafted to your unique situation.  

Better Decisions 
Effective, focused, goal-based, decision-making is enhanced by cutting through the clutter of information and “zeroing-in on” the concise measurement of those key metrics most influential to your desired objectives.  

Better Results 
Time and time again, experience has shown us that better decisions and timely execution leads to better results.  
Let our inspiration “go to work” for your organization. 

PrimeTRUST Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and an ERISA fiduciary under Sec. 3(21) or Sec. 3(38).